Press releases 2020


The voltage between Bassecourt and Mühleberg may be increased

The increase in capacity of the high-voltage transmission line between Bassecourt and Mühleberg envisaged by Swissgrid does not violate federal legislation on environmental protection and line construction. The Federal Administrative Court has concluded that the legally established limits are being observed.


Chlorothalonil: Precautionary measures approved

In an interim order, the Swiss Federal Administrative Court instructs the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office to temporarily remove certain information from its website regarding chlorothalonil.


Sanction against Lauber reduced

The Supervisory Authority for the Office of the Attorney General sanctioned Attorney General Michael Lauber with a salary reduction of 8% for the duration of one year due to various breaches of official duty. The Federal Administrative Court upholds part of the accusations raised and reduces the sanction by three per cent.


Naturalisation rejected

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court confirms the decision by the State Secretariat for Migration to reject the ordinary naturalisation application of the son of an ex-minister of Kazakhstan. The reason for this is the existence of ongoing legal proceedings pending against him.


Administrative assistance to France: UBS’s status as a party revoked

The Swiss Federal Tax Administration has rightly revoked UBS’s status as a party to the ongoing proceedings regarding a request for administrative assistance from France. This is the conclusion that the Federal Administrative Court has come to and it rejects the appeal of UBS.


Fair process in family asylum procedures

In a landmark judgment, the Federal Administrative Court acknowledged the existence of a new specific circumstance that goes against the granting of family asylum. In addition, it considered that ...


Triage in connection with accelerated asylum procedures

The Federal Administrative Court approves the appeal of an asylum seeker whose procedures were dealt with and decided on an accelerated basis. Despite the complexity of the case, the State Secretariat for Migration had not opted for extended procedures, resulting in only a short time limit of 7 working days to file an appeal instead of the standard 30 calendar days.


Commander of a border guard region rightly transferred

The command of the Swiss Border Guard transferred the commander of Region IV to another location and another role at the end of 2018. The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) confirms the disciplinary measures imposed.


The allocation to a specific federal centre does not deprive an asylum seeker of his right to liberty

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court rules that the allocation to the specific centre in Les Verrières ordered by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and the measures imposed as part of the operation of the centre do not deprive the appellant of their right to liberty...


Sanction imposed on Musik Hug economically viable

In the light of price agreements relating to the sale of grand and upright pianos, the Competition Commission imposed a fine on Musik Hug AG of CHF 445,000. The Federal Administrative Court judges the sanction to be proportionate and dismisses the music company’s appeal.


Gerichtsbetrieb während der Coronakrise

In Ergänzung zum Bundesratsbeschluss hat das
Bundesverwaltungsgericht Beschlüsse zu den richterlichen Fristen und zur Zustellung von verfahrensrelevanten Akten gefasst. Den Rechtsprechungsbetrieb gewährleistet es unter anderem mit erweiterter Telearbeit


Asylum: Federal Administrative Court largely complying with new time limits

In the first year of the new Asylum Act, the Federal Administrative Court complied with the statutory time limits for processing applications for asylum in 70 per cent of cases...


Geschäftsbericht 2019: Grosse Arbeitslast und kürzere Verfahrensdauer

Gemeinsame Medienmitteilung des Bundesgerichts, des Bundesstrafgerichts, des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts und des Bundespatentgerichts zu den Geschäftsberichten 2019.


Building permit issued for the Vigie-Gonin road link

The Federal Administrative Court dismisses the appeal against the construction of the Vigie-Gonin road link. The construction of the Vigie-Gonin road link to put the t1 in exclusive right-of-way on the Rue de Genève justifies the clearing of the Flon forest.


Dublin transfers to Bulgaria: no systemic flaws but rather case-by-case analysis

The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) has considered the situation of asylum seekers in Bulgaria in the context of Dublin transfers. It concluded that there are no systemic flaws in the asylum procedure and reception conditions in Bulgaria which would justify a complete suspension of transfers to that country...


Ex-parte interim measures expired

On 4 December 2019, the Federal Administrative Court used ex-parte interim measures to stop an art auction. Following a decision to dismiss the corresponding appeal, these measures now expire.


Stricter criteria for Dublin transfers to Italy

The Federal administrative Court recently ruled that the guarantees provided by the Italian authorities were not specific enough, as families requiring transfer from Switzerland to Italy no longer have access to the second-line reception centres under the new legislation.



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