FAC film triumphs in Cannes

The jury at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards was impressed by the FAC's corporate film, which scooped up a Silver Dolphin in the "Corporate Image Films" category.

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Foto: Lukas Würmli

Cannes is not only a famous place for award-winning feature films – the red carpet is also rolled out each year at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards to celebrate outstanding corporate films – when the world is not in the grips of the coronavirus that is.

At the end of November, the jury in Cannes awarded the new film by the FAC a Silver Dolphin in the “Corporate Image Films” category, making the production one of the 136 top entries in 2020 out of a total of 844 submitted from all over the world.

Getting to grips with the court
The FAC communication team is delighted with this achievement. “The jury is commending our efforts to put across a clear picture of the court's tasks and to contribute to a better public perception of our institution”, explains Head of Communication Andreas Notter, who set the film project in motion together with his team. Although the FAC issues around 7,500 judgments every year, many Swiss people are not all that familiar with the country's largest federal court. “Our task is to exhibit our court beyond mere media work and provide an insight into our range of tasks”, outlines Andreas Notter.

Trilingualism in action
However, the FAC had its sights set on more than just providing information. Notter claims that the film's purpose was also to engage the audience on an emotional level and entertain them. This, along with the trilingual aspect of the film, was a tall order for the implementation partner Focus Format, a St. Gallen film and video production agency. “Despite the great wealth of information contained in the film, it undoubtedly succeeded in reaching a broad audience and even impressed the competition jury in Cannes”.

The main roles in the film were played by professional actors Anina Baumgartner (German) and Raphaël Tschudi (French). Court staff were also used in the film as extras to make the film sequences look as authentic and true to life as possible.

The corporate film is used during guided tours for visitors to the court and for presentations or HR promotional purposes. It can be found online at https://www.bvger.ch/bvger/en/home.html and onYouTube.



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