Meeting room

Executive bodies


The governing bodies are responsible for the judicial and administrative management of the Federal Administrative Court. The Plenary Court comprising all the judges is the FAC’s highest governing body. The governing bodies also include the five-member Administrative Commission and the Presidential Council composed of the six divisional presidents.

Plenary Court

Comprised of all 72 judges in session, the Plenary Court is responsible for issuing important regulations and handling specific matters and elections. Among other things, this includes staffing of FAC divisions, electing their presidents and appointing the Executive Secretary. The Plenary Court is convened by the Court Presidium.

Administrative Commission

The FAC's administrative affairs are entrusted to a collegial body, the Administrative Commission. This body is responsible for all administrative affairs that are not already assigned to another support body by virtue of the Federal Administrative Court Act (FACA) or court regulations. Both the FAC President and Vice-President are members of the Administrative Commission, with the President also acting as chairperson for Administrative Commission meetings. The Plenary Court may elect no more than three other judges for a two-year term of office. "Ordinary members" may be re-appointed once and this does not exclude subsequent appointment to the Court Presidium..

Presidential Council

Comprised of the presidents of the FAC's six divisions, the Presidential Council (PC) plays an important role in ensuring the quality of FAC judgments. It is responsible for issuing directives, establishing uniform judgment layout rules, coordinating judgments among the various divisions and seeking consultation on draft proposals.