Judgement papers

Publication practices


According to Art. 6 of the Information Regulations of 21 February 2008 of the Federal Administrative Court (SR 173.320.4), substantive judgments are published on the Internet.

Procedural decisions are only published if they are of general public interest. Judgments are generally published before ascertainment of whether an appeal has been filed.

Types of publication

Official compilation of decisions (DFAC)

Article 7 of the Information Regulations of the Federal Administrative Court provides that decisions which are deemed to constitute a change in practice or to be precedent-setting and which were taken with the joint consent of all the Divisions concerned (see Article 25 FACA) are published in the official compilation of decisions (DFAC Bulletin). Furthermore, decisions of significance for the consistency of case-law or for other reasons may also be published in the DFAC. Read more about the DFAC here:

Reference judgments

Alongside the DFAC, the Federal Administrative Court also publishes on the internet reference judgments of special relevance in certain fields of law. The reference judgments are ordered thematically but do not cover all the fields of law handled by the Court. A great number of the reference judgments relate to asylum law. Read more on this subject here.

Other substantive decisions

Other substantive judgments and selected procedural decisions of interest to the general public are published in the FAC decisions database.  Decisions are generally published before it is known whether they will be appealed.

Legal validity

Since 1 October 2015, all decisions referred to the Federal Supreme Court have included a note concerning the pending case and the substantive decision rendered by the Federal Supreme Court. The indications contained therein are based on information at the Federal Administrative Court’s disposal. The FAC does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of information published on the Internet..