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Tasks of the Federal Administrative Court


Based in St. Gallen, The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) examines the legality of decisions in matters falling under the authority of the Federal Administration. It bases itself on the Federal Administrative Court Act (FACA, SR 173.32). Lower instances are mainly the Federal Departments and subordinate Federal Offices. 

The FAC may also hear complaints against certain decisions made by cantonal governments (e.g. matters pertaining to health insurance). Finally, the FAC serves as the court of first instance - not for complaints but rather for litigation - in three specific areas (e.g. public law contracts).

In certain legal areas (e.g. asylum or international administrative assistance), the FAC acts as the final complaints body. In other words, its judgments cannot be challenged before the Federal Supreme Court (FSC). In other legal areas, ‘public law complaints’ or ‘civil law complaints’ may be submitted initially to the FAC, which acts as a lower court to the FSC. The Federal Supreme Court Act (FSCA, SR 173.110) provides a list of these legal areas. 

Important note

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