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The FAC as employer

«The Federal Administrative Court offers a modern personnel policy ad attractive working conditions.»

Evelyne Vucic, Head of Human Resources ad interim

Employees of the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) fall under the scope of the Federal Personnel Act (FPA, SR 172.220.1) and enjoy favourable working conditions. 

In order to work as a court clerk, the person must have completed legal studies and worked in a legal field for at least one year. In order to provide optimal support to judges and court clerks, support staff in the various FAC division registries must have completed upper-secondary level vocational education and training in commerce. 

The General Secretariat, which coordinates the various services rendered within the FAC, employs people from a very broad range of occupations, particularly: finance specialists, IT specialists, HR specialists, translators, communication specialists, housekeeping staff, receptionists and librarians. Scientific employees and lawyers also lend support to the Executive Secretary, the Court Presidium and Scientific Services.