Supervision of federal compulsory purchase commissions

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In addition to rendering judgments, the FAC is also responsible for supervising the activities of thirteen federal compulsory purchase commissions (FCPCs), which are responsible for expropriation matters by virtue of the Federal Act of 20 June 1930 on Compulsory Purchase (ComPurA). Supervision is handled by Division I - Chamber 1.

The FAC appoints the chairperson and two deputies to each of these thirteen FCPCs as well as half of the members of the Federal Appraisal Oversight Commission. The Federal Appraisal Oversight Commission is an expert body to the courts.

According to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), anyone may at any time report matters to a supervisory authority that require action to be taken ex officio in the public interest against an authority. The person making the report does not have the rights of a party.


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