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As a rule, in order to attend the public sessions – party hearings or deliberations – there is no need to register in advance. Before entering the courthouse, a baggage check is carried out on the interested audience.

A public party hearing provides the parties, lower instances and possible other parties concerned the opportunity to express themselves in court on the matter in dispute. At the Federal Administrative Court, a public party hearing can only take place in proceedings relating to civil claims or criminal charges (see Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights). It is ordered by the instructing judge if a party demands such a hearing or if substantial public interests justify it (see Article 40 of Federal Administrative Court Act).

During a public deliberation on the judgment the judges decide on a matter in dispute. On this occasion the judges discuss their different arguments and finally vote on the outcome of the proceedings.  A public deliberation is conducted at the Federal Administrative Court under the following conditions (see Article 41 of Federal Administrative Court Act):

  • A decision is taken by a panel of five judges;
  • The panel of judges has been unable to agree on the issue at hand;
  • The President of the Division orders a public deliberation or a judge on the panel requests such a public deliberation.

Four public party hearings will be held from 20 to 22 January 2020.

Date, time: 20 January 2020, 14.00 (B-2729/2016)
21 January 2020, 9.15 (B-2753/2016)
21 January 2020, 14.30 (B-2745/2016)
22 January 2020, 14.00 (B-2724/2016)
Location: Federal Administrative Court, Kreuzackerstrasse 12, 9000 St. Gallen
Cases:  B-2729/2016, B-2753/2016, B-2745/2016, B-2724/2016; Sanctions in case of anticompetitive agreements in the wholesale market for sanitary products
Language: German
Notes: Security check at the entrance
Summary: The facts (D) (PDF, 79 kB, 16.12.2019)


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