Building permit issued for the Vigie-Gonin road link


Building permit issued for the Vigie-Gonin road link

The Federal Administrative Court dismisses the appeal against the construction of the Vigie-Gonin road link. The construction of the Vigie-Gonin road link to put the t1 in exclusive right-of-way on the Rue de Genève justifies the clearing of the Flon forest.

Dublin transfers to Bulgaria

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Dublin transfers to Bulgaria: no systemic flaws but rather case-by-case analysis

The Federal Administrative Court (FAC) has considered the situation of asylum seekers in Bulgaria in the context of Dublin transfers. It concluded that there are no systemic flaws in the asylum procedure and reception conditions in Bulgaria which would justify a complete suspension of transfers to that country...

Ex-parte interim measures expired

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Ex-parte interim measures expired

On 4 December 2019, the Federal Administrative Court used ex-parte interim measures to stop an art auction. Following a decision to dismiss the corresponding appeal, these measures now expire.


Stricter criteria for Dublin transfers to Italy

The Federal administrative Court recently ruled that the guarantees provided by the Italian authorities were not specific enough, as families requiring transfer from Switzerland to Italy no longer have access to the second-line reception centres under the new legislation.

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Islamic extremism: entry ban upheld

In 2017, fedpol issued an order imposing a ten-year entry ban on a man who was in contact with members of the Salafist movement. Although the Swiss Federal Administrative Court found ...

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Terrorism: expulsion and entry ban decision upheld

In 2017, the fedpol imposed an immediate expulsion from Switzerland and a 15-year entry ban on a sympathiser of the Islamic State. The Federal Administrative Court upheld the decision pronouncing these measures.


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