Stricter criteria for Dublin transfers to Italy


Stricter criteria for Dublin transfers to Italy

The Federal administrative Court recently ruled that the guarantees provided by the Italian authorities were not specific enough, as families requiring transfer from Switzerland to Italy no longer have access to the second-line reception centres under the new legislation.

Islamic extremism: entry ban upheld

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Islamic extremism: entry ban upheld

In 2017, fedpol issued an order imposing a ten-year entry ban on a man who was in contact with members of the Salafist movement. Although the Swiss Federal Administrative Court found ...

Terrorism: expulsion and entry ban decision upheld

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Terrorism: expulsion and entry ban decision upheld

In 2017, the fedpol imposed an immediate expulsion from Switzerland and a 15-year entry ban on a sympathiser of the Islamic State. The Federal Administrative Court upheld the decision pronouncing these measures.


Revocation of an entry ban on issued by fedpol

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court quashes a decision by fedpol to ban a French national from entering Switzerland due to his supposed radicalisation. Fedpol was found to have violated the appellant’s right to access his file.

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BSI case: FINMA’s approach is incomprehensible

In 2016, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority detected serious violations of supervisory provisions on the part of Banca della Svizzera Italiana and ordered the confiscation of CHF 95 million...


Determining the country responsible for ruling on a family’s asylum claims

The Dublin system offers the necessary flexibility to ensure that a family is not separated during an asylum procedure, even when its members lodge their claims in two different countries...


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