New website for the Federal Administrative Court

A new digital look for the Federal Administrative Court. The newly designed website went online Wednesday 9 August 2023.


Looks good on all devices: the new website of the Federal Administrative Court.  | © FAC
Looks good on all devices: the new website of the Federal Administrative Court. (Image: FAC)

As part of its ongoing digital transformation, the Federal Administrative Court also carefully scrutinised its website. The result: a new, more user-friendly website with a modern design and state-of-the-art technology. The relaunch was devised in collaboration with a web agency from the region and went online last Wednesday. 

Four modules and half so many pages
The main objective of the new FAC website was to streamline the design and enhance clarity. The project team cut back more than half the content in number of pages. Compared with the preceding version, the FAC website now uses the full span of the screen, which is particularly effective for the header images. 

The relaunch is also innovative in terms of technology. Modules for the media releases, blog, reference judgments and staff directory serve to simplify content management and help users find the information they are looking for more quickly. Project manager Lukas Würmli, the FAC digital communication specialist, is proud of the final product: «We have succeeded in building a website for the Court that comes across as both modern and professional.»

Decisions database also overhauled
A few weeks before the relaunch went online, the new FAC decisions database was also unveiled. The Informatics Service Centre worked on overhauling the search interface and presenting it in a contemporary design. The Court’s key communication tool may be accessed via the new website under



Lukas Würmli
Lukas Würmli

Communications specialist